Trends That Everyone Loves to Hate (But Still Look Awesome)

“Do you like these?” You self-consciously ask a friend, holding up a pair of the sandals all the cool people on Instagram are wearing. Your reply is a shrug of the shoulders, or maybe a face twisted in disgust. We’ve all been there. You love it but try to convince yourself it is kind of ugly. Somehow the unconventional looks of it are where its charm lies and it becomes your must-have of the season. Despite all the fashion police criticism and the funny remarks about it, you’re still rocking it. Here are the coolest and possibly least fashionable trends at the moment.


Birkenstocks are probably the most controversial sandal on the face of the earth. There are two types of people in the world: those who adore them for their comfy and stylish characteristics and those who think they are the tackiest, most grotesque piece of footwear on sale. Although the former does include many a tourist wearing them with white socks, the Birkenstock is all about how you style it.

Mixing patterns


Many think mixing patterns is the biggest no-no in fashion or should only be left to expert fashionistas. Sure, it can get a bit tricky, but by applying a few simple tips, anyone can look chic in patterns. For those who are beginners, it’s best to match the color schemes of the two chosen motifs and choose one small pattern and one larger one. Once you get a bit of practice, it will come naturally!

Fanny packs

Another trend commonly associated with dorky tourists are fanny packs. Tourists really have the comfort concept down, so maybe we should take a lesson or two from them. Their size makes them perfect for keeping valuables close to you and the design makes them easy to carry in different ways: around your waist, crossed over your shoulder, on one arm…


Ponchos may seem like they would not be flattering at all, but pairing them with the perfect jeans and a pair of boots was one of the biggest trends this winter. Aztec prints were especially popular. If you have any doubts in your mind, check out Burberry’s color block blanket poncho and how stylish it looks.


Platforms can be found on practically any shoe style nowadays. Sure, they are a bit hard to walk in without practice but they give you added height without the pain of heels.

When it comes down to it, it seems the general consensus among people is that comfortable clothing and fashion just don’t mix. Maybe you have your own “ugly” trend that no one understands. But isn’t fashion supposed to be unique and personal anyways? Now go redefine some trends, girl.

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