Why Ignoring Trends Can Be a Great Decision

I’m the first person to spend hours browsing blogs and social media, checking out the latest looks by the hippest fashion bloggers. I enjoy seeing what’s in and figuring out where it would fit into my wardrobe before possibly going out to buy one for myself. Even though this may be a way for me to try new things out, I also know that trends shouldn’t dictate my entire look, or anyone else’s for that matter.

A few years back, before Cara Delevigne was an it-girl, when having thin eyebrows was the only acceptable way to have them, I sported the same look I have today. Being from Italian descent I have been blessed/cursed with thick eyebrows. At the time, I did feel that perhaps I should be waxing them off so only a thin line remained in place of my wider shape, which I ended up doing for a bit. Luckily, they were hard to maintain so I went back to my original size.

If I were to bring up the issue today, I’m sure many a person would put their hands to their heads and exclaim that I’m crazy. How could I wax off such great eyebrows when I’m lucky enough to have them that way in the first place? What has changed since then? Simply that someone decided that thick eyebrows are cool.

So now that that’s resolved, I can just be happy with myself, right? Well, no. What if we lived in a parallel universe where thick eyebrows had never gotten popular? What I’m getting at is that trends are constantly changing and a lot of the time they are completely arbitrary. If we try to adhere to all these looks thrown at us, what’s left of our uniqueness and originality? I am in no way discouraging anyone to stop following trends, as I count myself in that group of people, but I am encouraging those who feel they aren’t “trendy” to be brave and wear what they like. Perhaps what others see as a flaw today will be all the rage tomorrow. The important thing is to rock your own look, incorporating as many trends as you see fit, but also wearing those shoes none of your friends like (but you adore). Who knows, maybe in a year’s time they’ll be dying to get their hands on a pair.

The next time you go out shopping and adore something that others may not, reconsider buying it. The next time you look in the mirror and decide not to chop off your hair because “women with long hair are prettier”, rethink it. And the next time you want to wax off those thick Mediterranean brows, think about what you really want, not what some outside source is dictating. You are unique because of the things you like and the choices you make. Perhaps you do want to follow one trend but completely break with the next and that’s perfectly okay, because we are all an amalgam of influences. Just remember every once in a while to listen to the little voice in your head that wants to break the rules.

Originally featured on The Haute Mess.

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