How to Survive Long Flights

Traveling is one of the most enriching activities out there. You can see places you’ve only ever dreamed of and open your mind to entirely different cultures. You’ll be engulfed by different people, new smells, an unfamiliar accent in your ears…  But, in order to reach the far corners of the Earth and explore hidden gems, you usually have to take a loooong flight. Although they can be a pain in the neck, being prepared is the best way to ensure it is as painless as possible.

Keep yourself occupied


This one’s obvious, but make sure you have enough material to cover the duration of the flight. Take books, magazines, a laptop, knitting needles, or anything else that you can do while sitting down. Some airplanes have movies, music and even games on board in a screen for each passenger, so look out for those! (But, if you’re unlucky like me and they malfunction, have a backup plan).

Be prepared

In order to be as comfortable as possible, take a travel pillow and an eye mask. Keep all the things you’ll need during the flight in an accessible spot in your carry-on baggage (and the most important, like reading glasses, medicine or lip balm, in a small pouch in the seat pocket). Don’t forget to take medicine if you get travel sickness!

Catch up

Use the time for something productive. You could write a new blog post or sketch in your journal. A good use of the time is to plan your stay in the country. For this, it is quite essential to take a travel guide on board with you. You could even catch up on your favorite TV show, if that’s what you consider productive.


The dry air in airplanes can really take a toll on your body. Make sure to drink plenty of water and to apply lip balm and lotion as needed.

Wear comfy clothes


Your body will definitely feel tired, so wearing a good pair of sneakers and clothing that isn’t too constraining will make the experience more endurable. Now, being comfy doesn’t mean you can’t look chic. Sneakers are all the rage right now, as are oversized sweaters and slouchy pants, so work it.


It’s important to walk around during long flights to get the blood flowing (more or less every half hour), but you may also need to target specific areas. Stretch your neck and back, as sitting down for so long will make them tense.

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