If You’re “Not Like Other Girls”, Read This

How many times have I heard women proudly boast how they are “not like other girls”? Well, enough times to write this post. It’s quite infuriating how being like other women is such an awful thing to some when we are surrounded by powerful, successful and overall amazing women. It’s awesome to love yourself and think you’re amazing (I’m not being sarcastic here; having self-esteem living in a society that seems to endorse self-hate is nothing short of amazing) but is it really necessary to put down “other girls”? Do you actually think the female population is so bad that someone like you is an exception?

You are not the only woman who plays video games/likes sports/[insert your favorite traditionally male activity]. Think of the millions of women there are in the world and how hard it is to be the only one that does that one thing that somehow makes you “better”. On the other hand, liking traditionally female activities does not make a woman any less interesting, less intelligent or vain. Liking makeup and skirts doesn’t mean anything else besides that, honestly (I’m looking at you, Fearless-era Taylor Swift). If you want to judge a woman’s character, you are free to do it but please use something more indicative than her hobbies and appearance.

And for those who use it as a compliment, well you should stop. If someone says it to me, I instantly think of all the women I see on a daily basis: my mother, my sisters, my friends… and how I would love to be like them. Seriously, there are infinitely more flattering comments to say to a woman. And if you really want to highlight how she’s just a very special person, use a word like unique but pass on the misogyny, please.

The bottom line is you can be an incredible woman without putting down other women.

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