First Summer Shopping Trip Buys

So now that I have finally finished my degree (yay!), I got the chance to go shopping, something I had been craving for weeks. I was looking for some specific things and luckily I did find some, but I wasn’t willing to shell out lots of money on any of them since here we have sales in July. Most things are from 30 to 70% cheaper when the sales period starts, so I usually wait to buy things that I think are just a tad too pricey. I wasn’t able to find jeans that were good quality and had my ideal fit (I’m really picky since I’m not a fan of low waists or super high-waisted ones).

What I did get was a pair of denim shorts, a cute blue and white top (both from Mango) and some Ecotools makeup brushes.



The Ecotools makeup brush set cost around 17€ and they came with a nifty little bag which is ideal for traveling (which I will be doing soon!). After looking up some info on it online, I realize I might have gotten it cheaper online, but the shipping costs are always very high, so maybe the price isn’t that off. Anyways, the set contains: a blush brush (which I use as a bronzer brush because that one was around 13€ and I’m not a makeup pro so no judging…), a shading brush, an angled eye liner brush, a concealer brush and a lash and brow groomer. I love that they are eco-friendly as well. According to their website, their “packaging is 100% tree-free paper and 100% recyclable made from 80% bamboo and 20% cotton fiber” (source).


And since I already owned the Ecotools flat foundation brush, they all match!


I wasn’t too sure about this top when I saw it on the rack, but the pretty blue detailing caught my eye, so I decided to try it on (along with a million other things tbh). I didn’t think I would end up liking it too much, but I need summery tops. IMG_20160617_101532

It’s a very comfy top and just look at the price tag! If you have a Mango Outlet near you, I’d recommend stopping by, as I saw all kinds of clothing (shorts, tops, officewear, purses, shoes, fancy dresses…) for very low prices, especially now that they have most things on sale.


As soon as I entered the shop, I saw these shorts and quickly searched for my size. My sister told me they look very 70s (I’m not sure if that was a good thing or not), but that vibe is definitely trendy right now so I got them. I didn’t doubt for a few reasons. First, they are actually the length I was looking for (again, I’m quite picky) and they’re quite flattering, even though they are a bit tight in the tummy area. However, few are the times I’ve found bottoms that fit my waist and thighs pretty well. Oh, and did I mention the price?


There is something that bugs me a bit about these shorts, though. Did you notice that the pockets aren’t evenly placed on the front? I checked the rest of the ones there and they were all like this, so I guess it’s a manufacturing error, but still. I’m kind of obsessed with symmetry and every time it catches my eye again, I cringe a little. But then I think about the price again and it goes away…

And that’s it, I can’t wait to put them on!


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