My New Coloring Agenda

So… yes, this post is kind of to show off my new agenda. Guilty. But I just can’t get over how pretty it is and wanted to share it so you can have the chance to get one too. I wasn’t expecting to find anything amazing at B&M Bargains, over in Birmingham. It was the first time I ever went to that chain and was very happily surprised. Not only were there aisles and aisles of cheap candy and chocolate, but there was really just a little bit of everything there. When I spotted the stationery section in the back, I rushed over. I can spend hours looking through notebooks and planners and all that fun stuff. The cover of this agenda quickly drew my attention.


The gold color and the intricate design are just lovely. And then I read that it’s a coloring agenda and I was sold. I didn’t actually know the price until I went to the cash register but I risked it and it was so worth it. At only £2.99 (that is, 3.47€ or $3.89), I feel like it was, true to the store’s name, a bargain buy.


The detailing on it is so pretty. The side of the pages are gold as well and the binding and bookmark match with the design.


The inside features a week per page format with a lovely font stating the month at the top. Little doodles are found here and there throughout the agenda, which can be colored or left as is (they still look super cute anyways).

Use links below to save image.

And, finally, a quick look inside the agenda. I’m not good with gifs at all, so the fact that I even made one (even a tiny one) is incredible.

I can’t wait to start using it, but I’ll have to wait until January as it starts in 2017. Until then, I’ll be using a homemade agenda which I might make a post about in the future. Till next time!


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