The 8 Costumes You Need This Halloween

Halloween is coming up and you could just reach for that worn out witch costume you’ve worn for three years straight or a t-shirt that states “This is my costume”. But let’s be real: dressing up is lots of fun and Halloween is one of the few occasions that you can dress up for without receiving judging glances down the street (which should totally be ignoring anyways btw). Sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration for a costume and looking back to 2016’s key moments is a great place to get it. Check out these eight looks you can easily make with mostly rewearable clothes that will crown you the queen of pop culture in your girl gang.

Beyoncé in Lemonade


Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade marked a clear before and after in music when it was released in April. Get two of the most iconic looks with clothing that will make your costume the chicest. Pair a faux fur coat with a gray sports bra and gray leggings for the iconic cover look or a yellow maxi dress with ruffles and some platform heels for another one of the most recognizable looks. To make your costume more obvious, you can accessorize with lemon-themed pieces or Lemonade merch.

Pokemon Go Trainer

Untitled #1598

Even if you don’t play Pokemon Go, you’ve probably heard about it enough to know that it was a gamechanger this year. Recreate your trainer’s outfit with a sporty romper, a bomber jacket, leggings, fingerless gloves and a cap. The look will of course vary according to how your own character looks, but the important thing is to get the athletic look down and it doesn’t hurt to add Pokemon-related accessories to the outfit.


Untitled #1599


The all-female remake of Ghostbusters released this summer has been giving us serious girl boss vibes. This costume, perfect for the sci-fi fan, consists of coveralls (which can be a stylish romper or actual workwear), black rain or combat boots, a handy tool belt to hang your chemical gloves on and the Ghosbusters logo on a patch or a pin. As for the ghostbusting equipment, you can completely transform an old backpack and a water gun with some paint, a few pieces of tupperware and a bit of imagination, as shown here. If you prefer to opt for a more casual (or last minute) look, a neon orange backpack will give a similar feel.


Untitled #1600

In honor of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, why not dress up as one of the most famous women in his collection of works, Ophelia from Hamlet? The moment she is famous for her is her suicide, with countless works of art depicting this moment. A long white dress and flowers are essential parts of the iconography so a flower crown and a cheap bouquet should do. This costume can also be enhanced with makeup, with a creepy drowned makeup look which will give it a spooky touch.

Hillary Clinton

Untitled #1601

Hillary Clinton might become the first female president of the US this year, so she’s kinda a big deal. A sober pantsuit, pearls, rounded sunglasses and a few pins are all you need. This office-friendly costume is versatile and will definitely make a statement. Bonus points if you manage to convince someone to vote for her!

Rio Medalist

Untitled #1602

Not all of us has what it takes to get to the Olympics, but we can pretend, if just for a day. Recreate the US team’s Rio opening ceremony outfit designed by Ralph Lauren with a red polo, white chinos and a blue blazer (pair them with any white sneakers, which you probably have in your closet anyways). For the gymnast look, pair a patriotic bodysuit with a gold medal. You can find replicas of the Rio ones online, or you can grab generic ones at any party store. Tie your hair back and add a matching scrunchie, bows or hair clips.

David Bowie

Untitled #1603

One of the saddest moments this year was when David Bowie left us in January. In order to recreate the music legend’s extravagant look you’ll need some temporary hair dye and face paints to achieve the Ziggy Stardust look. A colorful patterned blouse and some red pants paired with a sequin jacket will give you that spaceman look. Tie a patterned silk scarf around your neck to finish the costume.

Sandy from Grease

Untitled #1604

Grease Live, the live TV adaptation of the classic movie, reminded everyone why they loved the original movie so much, refueling our obsessions with the endearing characters, the musical numbers and the adorable fifties outfits. Sandy’s transformation look is not a new costume but it definitely is effective. The black bardot top, leather-effect leggings and red peep-toe pumps are flattering on everyone. Add a swipe of red lipstick, a wide belt and some hoop earrings to make it even more true to the movie. If you’re cold, a black bomber jacket will keep you in character and looking cool as a greaser.

Note: Prices and product availability were accurate at the time of writing but accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Image source: cover, outfit images from Polyvore (link for each provided)


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