The Real Way to Start Exercising

Everyone knows the keys to healthy living: a balanced diet, a good night’s sleep and daily exercise. As bad as it may sound, I’ve never liked exercise much. I always got mediocre grades in PE, I never played any sports and the idea of waking up early to go for a morning jog is the last thing I feel like doing, like ever. For those reasons, I never felt like exercise was something I could realistically do on a daily basis and actually enjoy. Therefore, I took up jogging for a summer, then stopped because I couldn’t bring myself to keep doing something I found so monotonous. Then, I tried signing up to a gym for a few months, but despite how fun the elliptical seemed the first weeks, I dreaded going. Maybe I just needed a more motivating playlist, or maybe I needed to find some activity that I would look forward to doing for a change, which bring us to the first pillar:

Find something you like doing

I signed up to the same gym I had before at the beginning of 2016, but now unlimited classes from yoga to fitball are included in the membership. Despite my lack of dancing skills, I am thoroughly enjoying taking zumba classes. It’s a great way to de-stress, even if I can’t always keep up with the intricate choreographies. Look up all the options available to you and even try them out (most gyms will let you assist once for free to see if it’s right for you).

Plan your exercise

It’s also important to plan your exercise if you have a busy schedule. Although this may seem too much organization for some, thinking about this beforehand will increase your participation. The American Heart Association recommends 25 minutes of vigorous activity 3 times a week minimum (source). This means that as long as the exercise you do is quite intense, then you don’t have to do it every day, which is great news for the very busy. And remember you’re never too busy to invest in your health.

Grab some new gear

Although buying new workout clothing might seem superfluous, it can really make a change in how you feel when doing exercise. You know what they say, putting on an amazing outfit can really change your attitude and confidence. Instead of throwing on those raggedy sweatpants that are sitting in the back of your closet, pick out a bold pair with a matching top. Don’t forget to wear a sturdy pair of sneakers to keep you comfy and safe!

Think of your health

Finally, remember that exercise is important for your health and not just a method to be thinner. It isn’t uncommon to find women that work out to achieve their ideal figure. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that for some. But that kind of mind frame can be harmful, as it ignores all the other benefits of physical activity. Your health will greatly improve as well as your mood and your mental health. Not to mention the fact that a number on a scale does not determine your worth. Focusing on feeling better rather than looking better is a healthy mindset that will keep you motivated.

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