Don’t Throw It Away! 6 Beauty Products You Can Repurpose

We’ve all ended up with beauty products that seemed so promising on the shelf at the store but, once properly tried on at home, produce a “meh” reaction at best. Instead of trashing them and wasting a perfectly good product, why not try repurposing them into something new? Mind you, this shouldn’t be done with old, expired products that will go on the skin, as they can bring about a slew of skin problems like irritation or acne.

Shampoo to makeup brush cleaner

If a new shampoo you bought is just not doing it for you, be it because of the fragrance or because it’s too stripping for your hair, reuse it as a makeup brush cleaner. Simply add a few drops to warm water along with some alcohol to disinfect your brushes, and voila!

Shattered eyeshadow to nail polish

After an eyeshadow palette is destroyed, it’s basically impossible to use. You can still wear the hues you shelled out cash for, but on your nails. Mix the eyeshadow “powder” with clear nail polish (the kind that’s used as a top coat), making sure to mix thoroughly. The shiny, chrome effect it leaves on your nails is unique and perfect for summer outfits.

Lipstick to blush

Lipstick is probably the hardest beauty product to buy. You can’t really know if the shade is right for you until you try it on, but who wants to put the icky tester tube near their mouth? And while some shades look amazing in theory, there are so many things that factor into it looking just as great on that it can be hard to find your holy grail lippie. That’s why it’s always good to have a backup plan in case you’re not fond of the outcome. You can either mix it with other lipstick color to create one that’s more to your liking or use it as blush by adding just a pinch to your cheeks and blending it in well.

Mascara spool to eyebrow brush

Once the mascara formula has become clumpy or dried out, wash the spool thoroughly and use it to keep your eyebrows neat. This is especially recommendable on more expensive tubes of mascara, as you’re usually paying for the brush and not so much the product inside. They’re perfect for carrying in your purse to touch up on the go or to take on trips instead of your larger eyebrow brush.

Face to body cleanser

A lot of the cleansers that are marketed as facial products are actually too harsh and can do more harm than good. The clearest example are those exfoliating scrubs with microbeads (which are also really harmful to the environment, read more about it here and here). Although in that case discontinuing any use of it is recommended, in case a facial cleanser just isn’t cooperating with your skin, try it out on your body, but remember to always patch test first in a small area which isn’t noticeable (and that goes for trying out new face products too!).

Perfume to air freshener

Although you might not be able to rock your expired fragrance, you can at least enjoy it in your home. Spritz a small amount into the air to use it up and avoid throwing out a full container.

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