DIY Wreath From an Old Christmas Tree

As Christmas approaches, most of us are scrambling to put together our festive decorations by reusing some from last year and adding some new touches from this year’s collections. I’ve always loved wreaths but find them way too expensive for a seasonal decoration.

This year, we have a new Christmas tree in our home (btw, I’m talking about fake trees in this entire post, not the real type that are cut from a forest). It’s a lot taller than our old one and has natural-looking leaves. It’s a major upgrade from our last one. Browsing online, I passed a few wreath tutorials with actual plants and that’s when I had an idea. Why not use the leaves from our old Christmas tree to make a wreath? I didn’t think it would turn out as well as it did, but I gave it a shot for the sake of recycling.


You’ll need:

  • a wire hanger (preferably green)
  • newspaper
  • an old Christmas tree (plus some heavy duty tool to cut the metal stems off)
  • hot glue, string and/or tape
  • decorations


Start by cutting off the branches from your tree. Use the appropriate tools, as you are cutting a thick metal rod. (I used one of my dad’s tools, which I unfortunately don’t know the name of…) When shaping the hanging into a circle also be careful! You can shape it around something circular to get a more exact shape.

I largely followed this Youtube tutorial when making my wreath. However, I did make a few changes, which are the following:

  • I used a green hanger so that the hanging portion of it (which is visible) blends seamlessly with the color of the wreath.
  • I used a lot more newspaper and wrapped it around the wire instead of scrunching it like in the video. I didn’t do the trash bag step.


It’s important to layer the pieces on top of each other rather than under each other. I started placing them the wrong way on the left of the wreath and then began at the end, so to speak, and it worked much better. So, lay a chunk of leaves down and then do the next one on top. Remember to follow the same direction the entire time.

You can attach the leaves with string like in the video tutorial, which is very practical in my opinion. You could also use a glue gun if you prefer or some gardener’s tape. Although I used the string method, I’m sure both of these would work just as well.


Once you’ve got the leaves attached, add your preferred decorations. I went for a simple wreath, but go as festive as you like!

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, considering it was headed for the garbage bin. Is it wonky and kind of uneven? Yes. I do realize it’s far from perfect, but I’m okay with that. Does it look decent from the back? Absolutely not. It looks like a mess of newspaper and string and leaves, but it’s not like anyone will see it. Most importantly, was it fun to make? Definitely! Even if you don’t love the final result, it makes a great craft to do with loved ones while listening to Christmas carols!


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