Xmas Freebie: January Desktop Wallpaper

In the spirit of Christmas giving, I thought I would give all of my kind readers a little something. Unfortunately, I can’t climb down each of your chimneys and leave a pretty package, but I can give you this wallpaper I’ve designed!


It features pretty pastel flowers and a small January calendar, which is great for when you need to see the month at a glance quickly. I’ve added a quote by one of my favorite writers, Jane Austen, as well. I have to admit that sometimes quotes on desktop wallpapers can be cheesy, so that’s why I decided to keep it minimal and to use a classic author’s quote. (You can’t go wrong with classic literature, right?)

And that’s not all! I’ll be making one for each month and posting them accordingly. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future months regarding layouts or other features, let me know!

To install as your desktop wallpaper:

Right-click the image above and select Set as Desktop Background or if that doesn’t work for you, right-click and click View Image and then Set as Desktop Background…. To download onto your device, right-click and select Save Image As….


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