Xmas Gifts + Happy New Year!

I can’t believe Christmas is over! It always seems to happen so quickly and now it’s almost the new year! Although I much prefer gifting than receiving, I thought I would share the lovely presents I was given for Christmas this year.


This funny coloring book by  Papeterie Bleu is delightful. It combines my love of coloring with the daily struggles (and rewarding moments) of being a teacher. My sister knows me well.


I’ve started on the first page already (and I totally agree with treating yo’ self :P).


I received this little package of things from my childhood friend Lisa, who lives so far away but never forgets to send me cards and little things. It’s always nice to know that someone you haven’t seen in almost ten years remembers you fondly (and I do too!).

Another one of my loves: stationery. Since I will go back to uni for a master’s, these sticky notes will definitely come in handy. Plus, the little case is just so darn cute!


Although most people consider socks a meh present, I love warm and cozy things like robes, pajamas and socks. Call me crazy (or 80) but I just love being warm and comfy at home while sipping a warm cup of tea and reading a book or blogging. And the face towel is so very soft! (Skincare is another one of my current loves). img_20161231_121042

I absolutely adore cute boxes and florals, so this is totally me. I still haven’t figured out what to put in it, but extra storage is never a bad thing.


My sister also got me Astor’s Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter in Amazon Chic (014). My lips are so dry that I can’t really wear anything on them that doesn’t have some sort of hydrating properties. This one claims to have color + balm + shine. The truth is that the color is nice but it rubs off so easily. SO easily. The story behind this lip butter is kind of funny. I gave it to my older sister as a birthday present, then I borrowed to go to a McFly concert and loved it. So she got it for me for Christmas, the circle of lipstick!


The color of the tube is a bit lighter than what it actually is like. However, with just one swipe you can get a pretty light shade and then build it up for a darker hue.


Last but not least, this cute little heart-shaped box is so dainty that I feel bad for storing my pushpins in it (but a girl’s gotta be practical, right?) Its light blue color matches my bedroom nicely and will make a cute addition to my shelves.


Happy 2017!

I truly hope you all start 2017 with high hopes and optimism for the coming year. We all have an entire year ahead to make dreams come true, to get over our fears and to simply be even happier. Thank you for reading, liking, following and commenting; it has meant the world to me! Here’s to more wonderful moments in 2017!


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