A Few Primark Buys

I feel like I have already talked about my love/hate relationship with Primark before, so I won’t get too into it. I do like some of the things they sell (especially in the home section) but I find the quality of the clothes quite lacking in my experience with it. This isn’t news, I know but I thought I’d add that before I go on.

On my last visit (my second since it opened here), I breezed by the clothes section and spent a big chunk of time in the home section. Luckily, the Primark in my area has quite a large selection of home items (and everything’s so neat and organized!). And, on top of everything, there were almost no people because it was lunchtime.


I got this Powdered Peony candle for 0.60€. I’m not a huge fan of the color but the moment I smelled it, it reminded me of my childhood. I’m not really sure what it was that smelled that way and maybe it was a bit of an impulse buy, but I figured 60 cents wasn’t too much to spend on a candle.


It claims to burn up to 18 hours and, as you can see, I have already lit it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t perceive the aroma in my bedroom, but I’m open to letting it burn longer and giving it another try.


The blue one was 1€ and I think the format with the metal cap is adorable. The label also adds to its appeal and when I saw that it was a cotton scent, I fell in love. The name is White Tea and Linen and it claims to burn up to 16 hours. The aroma is pleasant and it really does smell nice and clean. Even if the candle isn’t the best, it makes a great decorative piece for a shelf.



This pink belt hanger was about 3€ and is exactly what I needed to keep my belts organized. I had them hanging on a pants hangers but they always slipped or all fell to one side. It was just a mess. This hanger allows me to put them in the same place but the little hooks make them stay put, yay! Also, the color and the hearts are so cute.


All organized!


Last but not least, I got these faux sheepskin memory foam slippers for 5€. I love faux sheepskin so I instantly liked these, plus they have a pretty sturdy base; I really hate slippers which are unstable. The memory foam makes them quite comfy, although it’s obviously not the best (what can we expect for 5 bucks?). As you can see in the picture, the material creases easily, but they are quite warm so I guess it’s compensated.

Have you bought anything in Primark recently? Did you get some good deals?


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