Petroleum Jelly: A Versatile Beauty Product

If you don’t already have some petroleum jelly on your shelves, you’ll probably want to get some when you finish reading this. Petroleum jelly, sometimes called Vaseline after the brand name, is a common ingredient in many beauty products we buy. However, it also be used all by itself with wonderful results (and for very cheap!). Here are just some of its uses:

For dry, cracked heels


Image: Anja P.

If your heels are feeling dry or cracked, try putting some petroleum jelly on them overnight. (In the case that there is a layer of dead skin, I would recommend removing it with a pumice stone or a Ped Egg-type tool). Simply add a layer to your feet and put on some socks to avoid making a mess. For the summer months, I cut the toes off an old pair of socks so my feet aren’t so hot. Does it look nice? Not at all, but it gets the job done!

For popped pimples

We’ve all been there. You have a huge pimple on your face and you simply can’t resist the urge to pop it, but now you’ve got a gaping red crater on your face. If the deed is done and you’re not sure what to do, add a dab of vaseline over it before going to sleep. You’re sure to wake up to a much better panorama.

For dry patches

The cold winter air can be harsh on skin and small patches of dry skin can start to appear on your face. They’re the worst because they become red and itchy and putting foundation on them is a hassle, as it just sticks and they become more noticeable. After you apply moisturizer at night, put on a layer of vaseline over it to lock in moisture and remember to treat that area of your skin with only gentle products.

For chapped lips


Image: Anna Sastre

Petroleum jelly is basically Chapstick, so you can simple add a swipe of it to protect your lips, but if you need a tougher treatment you can make a lip scrub. Simply mix petroleum jelly and sugar and gently exfoliate your lips with it.

As highlighter

If you’ve run out of highlighter or you don’t usually use it but want some extra glow for a special occasion, petroleum jelly might just be the answer. Some people wear it as is for a natural look while others add some shimmery white eyeshadow to it to imitate the beauty product.

To groom brows

With thick, bold brows in style more than ever, grooming them has become a vital part of many a beauty routine. You can always buy brow mascara, but if this method works for you, it will be a lot cheaper. (And, again, if you happen to run out at an inconvenient moment, you’ll be saved.) With an old, thoroughly-cleaned mascara wand or an eyebrow brush sculpt your eyebrows with some petroleum jelly and marvel at them the rest of the day. Personally, I haven’t tried this but it looks promising!

Cover image: Yaoqi Lai

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