Choosing the Right Color to Wear On Valentine’s Day

Although today we might pick out which bouquet to give a loved one based on its appearance, decades ago it wasn’t uncommon to give them according to the meaning their color had. Each hue represented a different sentiment, making some more appropriate than others for different occasions and relationships. If you’re stumped as to what to wear, why not use the same philosophy for your Valentine’s Day outfit for a fun solution?




As you may have already guessed, red is the color for romantic love. This is the one that has the most obvious connections to the present, as sweethearts are known to gift red roses. Wearing red will display your affection and rumor has it that it will make you stand out more.


Roses in this color are said to mean modesty and even sincerity or gratitude. The truth is, this pastel color really does make a less bold statement than a brighter color. It was one of the hottest colors of the summer, so why not wear it again for V day?



Image: Jerry Seon

Quite possibly the cheeriest color, yellow implies friendship. However, it an also connote infidelity, so maybe save it for a girl0s night out instead…


If you wear orange, you will be channeling your inner fascination and enthusiasm. Orange is a versatile color that can work in multiple occasions and the orange rose message follows this line, as avidity and eagerness are always appreciated in whatever you may be doing.



Image: Henri Meilhac

Being the most representative color of Valentine’s Day, pink transmits a variety of positive messages including grace, sympathy, joy and sweetness. However, no openly romantic message is associated with this color.


Purple is the color of enchantment, a characteristic which is rightly deserved. The unusual hue for a rose makes it that much more unique and although there are many pieces of clothing in purple, you can still look just as dazzling.



Image: Brooke Cagal

White is a traditional color of innocence and purity and regarding roses it is no different. However, as we all well know, those traits can sometimes be overrated, so just focus on how immaculate you will look in a white ensemble!

So there you have it! This is just for fun and probably 99 percent of people will not get any subliminal message from the color of your outfit, but it is definitely a unique way to choose an outfit. The most important thing is that you feel fierce and wear whatever makes you confident!

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