Get Inspired by Mallorcan Island Decor

The Mediterranean island of Mallorca, along with the other Balearic Islands, is located just off the coast of Barcelona and features some of the most best scenery in the world. It is mostly known for its enchanting coves with crystalline water and white sands, reason why it’s sometimes called Europe’s own Caribbean.


(Pollença) Image: Michael Hacker

Balearic culture is unique and highly interesting and the typical home décor reflects this. The overall feel is rustic but also informal, as the Mallorcan lifestyle is laid back. The connection to tradition is also important, but it is done in an updated way to connect the past and present.

A few Mallorcan touches

Exterior shutters are a must in most houses in Mallorca. The reason for this is that they are perfect for those boiling summer days when you want the cool air to enter, but not the heat and light. Although the most traditional color is an emerald green, they look just as great in any other color (especially pastels).


(Valldemossa) Image: Patrick Baum

The traditional “tela de llengües” (that is, fabric with tongues) can be found anywhere and everywhere in Mallorca. This Mediterranean design is most commonly found in hues of blue, perfect to decorate a seaside retreat, but with their rising popularity, they have become available in practically any color. My favorite way to use it in the home is in the form of throw pillows.

Wicker baskets are another must-have item, not only in your home but also as a handy beach bag. They can also be great magazine holders or simply a decoration by placing flowers in them, like in the picture below.


Image: Toa Heftiba

To add a Mallorcan feel to your kitchen, why not get your hands on some of the local pottery? The earthenware look adds a fantastic rustic touch and, as they are usually handmade, are sure to very long-lasting.

The rustic look

The key to a rustic look lies in the furniture, which shouldn’t be too polished but rather coarsely finished. Wicker chairs will add that homemade touch while also providing a comfy spot. And that goes for stone walls as well, which can be incorporated on just one accent wall (or even part of a wall) to get the charm without having to go all the way.


Image: Federica Campanaro

Finally, flowers and plants make all the difference, turning an okay area into a pleasant corner. If you’re into low-maintenance ones why not try cacti, which look lovely and are very trendy at the moment?


Image: Nanda Green
Image via: 1

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