A Visit to Palma’s Arab Baths

Having visitors over usually means going to the typical tourist attractions in your area, but sometimes you can discover new corners of your city. That’s what happened to me this weekend. I had never visited Palma’s Arab Baths and as pleasantly surprised.


Although it isn’t exactly easy to find as it is located in Palma’s Old Town, there are a bunch of handy signs pointing in the right direction, like the one shown in the picture. Its entrance is easy to miss, just a narrow corridor where you buy the ticket and then enter. The price is 2.50€ per person but you can stay as long as you like.


Once you walk down the corridor past the ticket booth, the bathrooms are on the left and the garden on the right. (I should say that the bathrooms are decent, which isn’t a very glamorous thing to say but it is important when visiting). The garden is quite beautiful and has plenty of tables and chairs to enjoy the sunshine. Although I wasn’t too fond of the sometimes muddy dirt, it was a nice spot to hang out.





The Arab Baths date back to the 10th century and are a beautiful display of Muslim architecture in Palma. It is believed they belonged to an important Moor. Apparently, some of the columns inside the baths may be even older, from Roman times. A video with an accompanying voice-over describes the history of the place, as well as several plaques throughout.




Visiting the entire area only takes about fifteen minutes which isn’t that much, but like I said before, you can spend some time in the garden if you wish.


Although it isn’t nearly as spectacular as some of Palma’s other attractions, I really enjoyed visiting this small piece of history in the heart of Palma. If you have a bit of extra time while in the city or just want to play the tourist, I would recommend paying it a visit. It’s probably better if it’s a sunny day so you can sit in the garden and not end up with muddy shoes!


Have you recently discovered a hidden corner of your city? Tell us in the comments below!


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