Tops and T-Shirts Mini Haul

Before I get into this blog post, Happy International Women’s Day! May all women in the world be respected and treated as equals. Here’s a quote from one of the most inspirational women in the world:


To read my review on Malala’s book, click here. To read more articles on feminism, click here.

I’ve been needing new t-shirts for a while. Every time spring came around I would start whining because I didn’t have enough transition clothing. During the day, it can get really hot so a pair of jeans a tee are usually the best option. Luckily, this spring I will finally be prepared! Apart from those I already own, I’ve recently bought five new tops!


This white floral top is from Zara and was 4€ on sale. The fit is quite wide and on the shorter side, but it’s definitely a comfy tee.


The pattern on is it so pretty. I’ve actually already worn it since we’re having some unusually warm weather and I’ve gotten a few nice comments on it.


I’m one of those people that gets the two versions of the tee, so I also bought the black one. The flowers on this one are different, so I think it’s justified. Although I honestly prefer the white one, I need more black in my wardrobe for to match the black shoes I own, so I know this will come in handy. Like the other one, this shirt was also 4€.



The mustard tee is from Mango Outlet and it was 6€. (As you might have seen in my previous posts, Mango Outlet has some amazing deals.) This is one of my favorite colors so I was immediately drawn to it and I loved the little pocket with the embroidered quote. I began searching for my size but there were all XS and S. I think a woman beside me shot me strange looks while I searched because I wanted this tee so badly. I ended up trying on the small and it fit! I’m usually an M or an L but since this shirt was meant to be wide, I think, it fit me without being tight at all. Another thing that I love about it are the sleeves because they aren’t too long and they come folded over, which is really cute.


It’s funny how “have a better day tomorrow” can be seen as something nice and optimistic, as in always try to make the next day better than the last, or as if you had a bad day today and someone is trying to comfort you. I suppose the kind of life advice that works for everyone is the best kind of advice, right?


This 70s striped v-neck is from Springfield and was around 5€. The fabric is so soft and fresh and it just feels so nice. The fit is really flattering and I especially love it since I don’t have many v-necks. As for the pattern, my parents both said it reminded them of their childhood/teenage years. I don’t know if it was a compliment or not, but I love the t-shirt!


Last but not least, this top that I have no idea how to describe. I don’t know what this fabric is called but it has vertical lines on it and is a bit shiny. Although you can’t really see it in the pictures, it’s a beautiful deep green shade. The sleeves are a bit long but fitted, which I love. I bought this top from Stradivarius for around 5€.


Thanks for reading!


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