DIY Paper Flower Crown

In the spirit of spring, today I’m sharing the flower crown I made for Halloween last year. I wanted to have a simple “costume” and decided to dress up as the flower crown Snapchat filter that makes everyone look so fresh and pretty. I’m not going to say that I looked as good as the filter in my getup, but I tried! I also made the Snapchat screen with some cardboard, paper and markers. Very low cost, as you can tell. But I wasn’t going to some huge fancy Halloween party, so it was fine!

halloween snapchat edit.jpg

flower crown 5

Anyways, on to the actual flower crown. Now, there are many, many tutorials online for how to make really amazing flower crowns and I urge you to check them out. However, they usually require a lot of materials that you might not have, a lot of time and a fair amount of skill. This tutorial is made with things you probably have or are easy to get on the cheap and in the simplest way I could find (I made it on the same day).

flower crown 1

You’ll need:
  • Colored paper (I used white, peach and yellow for the flowers and green for the leaves)
  • Tape
  • Ribbon in a color that blends into your hair

I used two Youtube tutorials to help me assemble them. One is by Aja Dang and the other by Tiboudnez. Basically, you have to cut out flower shapes first. You’re going to need about three different sizes of a shape for one flower, as you will layer them so it looks three-dimensional. I believe they both use templates but I free-handed it from watching the video. I really recommend watching them because it will all be much clearer than if I explain through text.

flower crown 2

Make sure that, as you make the flowers and leaves, you arrange them in a line to see how they will look on the ribbon. You can use pictures of the Snapchat filter for reference. Once you’ve decided on the arrangement, you’ll need to measure the ribbon and tie it so it fits your head snugly.

The next step is to tape the flowers onto the ribbon. Yes, hot glue will look a lot nicer from the back side, but tape is a really quick and easy solution. As you can see below, I also taped the leaves to the flowers in a very ugly-looking way but, hey, it’s only the back!


Once you place it on your head, you might need to make sure the flowers aren’t laying flat, but mine held up very well for not being card stock. I mean, it’s from October and still looking pretty darn good.

flower crown 4

If you make it, I would love to know how it goes and see pictures of your creation!


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