Improve Your Life with 5 Minutes a Day

Although the mere thought of improving yourself might seem a bit daunting, it really isn’t as difficult or time-consuming as you may think. Total commitment is essential to really get results and, well, improve but putting aside a small amount of time a day like five minutes can be enough. If you’re not convinced, check out how easy it is to boost your personal development in different parts of your life below!

Improve your posture

With so many people working at desks, usually on computers, and constantly looking down at our phones to check Instagram, chances are that we slouch a little. The “computer guy” posture is bad for your back and doesn’t do you any favors aesthetically. If you find this might be your case, do a few stretches each day to stretch out your muscles and remember to check your posture every few minutes when spending long hours sitting.

Change your mindset

Positive thinking can really change your day, as unlikely as it may seem. Not only will it benefit your psychological well-being but it can also have an effect on your cardiovascular health and make you more resistant to getting sick (source). You can repeat positive mantras in the mirror every morning, for example, or change your inner monologue if faced with a problem. For instance, instead of thinking of something as an impossible obstacle, think of it as a way to learn and grow as a person.

Learn something new

Yes, putting in just five minutes a day you can learn something new. If you want to learn a language try an app like Duolingo and complete the daily challenges to improve your fluency. Or try Codecademy and learn to code for free. Whatever your interests, there are thousands of free online courses that you can take and that don’t require a huge time commitment. Even a fun fact a day will mean you go to bed with some new knowledge you didn’t have in the morning.

Organize your life

There’s nothing quite like organization to bring you peace of mind. In just a few minutes you can whip up a daily to-do list and tick it off as you go. Or you can work on your weekly meal plan to make grocery shopping a breeze and remove the stress from cooking. Plan your budget keeping bills organized into paid and unpaid and keep track of your expenses and savings.

Keep your surroundings tidy

As they say, a clean home is a happy home. Decluttering can relieve stress while at the same time make your life feel more tidy. Make every corner aesthetically pleasing to you and use fragrances that you love in your house to really make it your home.

Check out my Organize with Me challenge for small organization tasks that won’t stress you out.

Take a break

Kick back and relax. Yup, it’s that simple. Sometimes distancing yourself from difficult situations can make things easier to deal with, and relaxing is a great way to prevent stress. Meditate, exercise, read a book or just watch some Netflix on the couch.

Image source: Larm Rmah

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