May Desktop Wallpaper

Although a few days late, here is the May desktop wallpaper! I’m slowly learning how to adjust the sizes without messing up the design, so I think this month’s should be better in that respect.

As for the design, I decided on something very minimalist for May: simple the name of the month and a little “To Do” box on the bottom left. I’ve always admired those desktop organizers I saw on Google Images but they always seem a bit over the top for my own personal use. Like, it looks pretty to have five different categories but I’m not going to litter my desktop with files. I think this more modest option might be a good alternative with the same idea in mind (basically, to not forget to get things done!).

The picture is by Annie Spratt. I really loved the fresh feel to it and the succulents are very cute.

To install as your desktop wallpaper:

Right-click the image above and select Set as Desktop Background or if that doesn’t work for you, right-click and click View Image and then Set as Desktop Background…. To download onto your device, right-click and select Save Image As….









Check the “Freebies” tab on the top bar under “Categories” for all of the monthly desktop wallpapers I’ve made for this year!

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