A Glimpse of Bath

Last time I was in England, I was lucky enough to visit Bath, found in the county of Somerset. I was familiar with it because Jane Austen lived there and mentioned it throughout her works. The city itself is really picturesque, taking you back years ago with its architecture. I could almost picture the horse-drawn carriages and the women in long dresses taking a stroll through the streets. In fact, it has been declared a World Heritage Site for its cultural value and, for this same reason, it was the target of a German bombing in World War II.

Pulteney Bridge

The main attraction in Bath is, well, the Roman baths, redundant as it may sound. Although they are meant to be quite majestic, the entrance fee was a little steep for my taste at £15.50 so maybe another time! Right beside the baths is Bath Abbey, an impressive Gothic church.


I really loved all the historical buildings and have actually looked up old paintings and pictures of the same places I photographed to compare them. It’s pretty astounding how similar everything has remained.


At the end of Great Pulteney Street, which you can see below, is the Holburne Museum. It’s free but we got there a bit late, unfortunately. However, we did explore the garden area behind it, although I’m not one hundred percent sure if that belonged to the museum.

Great Pulteney Street

There were cute little corners everywhere!


All in all, I thought Bath was a very beautiful city and a great place to visit!

By the way, under the Categories tab at the top of my blog, you’ll find a brand new Places page, categorized by destinations and with a snazzy new look!

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