If You Can Cut, You Can Collage

Collaging is such an eye-catching way to make art for those who just aren’t into drawing or painting. Unlike other mediums, collaging doesn’t really require any specific skills you don’t already have and it’s a whole lot of fun! The whole process is very relaxing and gives you a fun creative outlet that produces eye-catching works of art. Although I’m no expert either, here’s what I do to create collages.


Find the right images

It all starts with flipping through old magazines to find the right things to cut out. I always put on some music to do this part and cut out whatever catches my attention. I usually don’t start with any fixed ideas and just let myself be inspired by whatever I find. The only thing to keep in mind is that the image you want to cut out is full and not cut off by an edge or another image (although you could always use these, I prefer not to).



When cutting images out, I first cut a rough border to separate it from the magazine because cutting directly from the magazine in a precise way is very difficult for me. As you can see in the above collages I’ve made, I cut directly on the border although you can also leave a thin space between where the image ends and where you cut. I prefer not to do this because sometimes the color of the background varies and I’m not that good at cutting a neat, even border like that without guides.



Once you’ve got all the elements, it’s time to arrange them. I do this on a sheet of white paper. Although you might have some ideas going in, you’ll see that you’ll always need to adjust the placement of some items, but that’s part of the fun. Personally, I don’t stick them because I like reusing the pictures for different collages (so I keep them in a Ziploc bag). If I were to stick them down, I would use a glue stick and paste each picture carefully, starting with the bottom layer. It might be a good idea to take a picture of the arrangement with your phone so that you can remember where to glue each thing.

Do any of you make collages? Leave links below if you do; I would love to see them!


Cover image: Jason Briscoe

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