Don’t Make Decisions At Night

I thought I might write a post halfway between a regular blog post by me and creative writing. I’m not really sure what this kind of piece is called or even why I wrote it, but I hope you can get something out of it.

Maybe it’s something that has been bothering you for some time, or maybe a major life-changing event just occurred and you need to act quick. Each of us will come across many forks in many roads and all our feet will linger in the middle ground, if even for a second, before walking in the direction we have chosen. That’s life, really, a series of choices with some coincidences sprinkled in to keep things from getting too boring.

But if you’re ever faced with the arduous task of making up your mind, don’t do it at night. Don’t let the dark shadows cloud up your thoughts because it is at this time of day when we begin to think most of all those thoughts and feelings we have managed to hide deep within: an unsightly bundle stuffed in a drawer, out of sight. Once the sun has withdrawn and the moon reigns, those thoughts come creeping back, slowly and quietly. All at once you remember that sad day five years ago. You might decide to never leave your hometown, arriving at the conclusion that you’re safer there anyways. Or you may decide to give up on something because it’s simply too hard.

Wait till the sun warms your face again. Wait for the brightness to illuminate your thoughts once more. Wait till you can talk to a dear friend or family member and clear your head. It is only once you have laid your worried head on a soft pillow and closed your eyes into a deep slumber that you will know what to do. It isn’t that the dark thoughts have disappeared, but everything is clearer, more evident in the light of daytime.

Image credit: Israel Sundseth

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