Bargain Brags: The Best Deals I’ve Gotten

I think we’ve all had that shopping moment when you come across something you absolutely love and brace yourself for the number on the price tag, only to discover that it is a lot cheaper than you expected. Then, whenever you wear it and get compliments on it, you point out the unbelievable price you got it for. I thought doing this in blog form might be interesting. I certainly get some secondhand satisfaction from seeing the bargains other people have gotten!


I got this floral dress a while back at Mango Outlet for only 6€. It’s a maxi dress, so the price was even more shocking. The material is very soft and continues to be one of my summer staples, despite its wear and tear.


Although this Vans backpack wasn’t the biggest deal ever at 16€, I was (and am) very happy with it because I  had seen it previously but though the price (over 30€) was just too much for a backpack. When I returned to the Vans outlet store a few weeks later, it was at half the price! I really wanted a cute backpack and the shiny material and faux leather accents drew me to it. The front pockets (and the laptop one inside) are very convenient as well.



Another Mango Outlet buy were these trousers for 8€ each. The one on the left has a paper bag waist while the other has pleats on the front. I’m really liking the trousers trend this spring and totally embracing it.


Finally, after wanting a pair of Keds for some time, I got my hands on a pair from yet another outlet (a department store one, not a Keds one). This striped pair was only 12€. I have to admit that they aren’t the most wearable pair of shoes due to the pattern (and how many other patterned items I have in my closet). I do find that they instantly make a “basics” outfit more interesting. The fit is a little bigger than I expected, but they are decently comfortable for a shoe I knew didn’t have much arch support.


What amazing deals have you gotten? Let me know in the comments below, I’d really love to hear all about it!

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