Review| Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales

As a huge Pirates saga fan, I was eager to watch the latest installment. Although some may argue that these movies aren’t exactly quality cinema, I have enjoyed all of them and they hold a special place in my heart. I’ve been going to the movies to watch them ever since the second movie came out, way back in 2006. I’ve been growing up with these movies and going back to that world was just as nostalgic as I thought it would be.

(Warning: possible minor spoilers ahead)

From the moment we catch a glimpse of familiar faces in Pirates 5, it all comes flooding back. The epic score by Hans Zimmer, especially the theme song, makes the movie even more enjoyable (although the music in this movie was the first in the series not to be composed by him).

Although the plot itself contained a lot of fantastical elements, anyone who has watched the previous movies knows this is expected in this world. The premise of a quest is quite standard and I liked the fact that Elizabeth and Will’s son was the protagonist (and he actually reminded me of Orlando Bloom a lot in regards to looks). I felt that the previous movie missed the mark by trying to take things in a different direction, that is, not involving two of the most beloved characters (although Jack Sparrow was amazing nonetheless). The fact that there is a magical trident that makes all the curses ever go away is very convenient, too convenient. Sure, I did want a happy ending for the Turner family but it was more interesting to see how each character coped with the curse. However, Jack’s continuous misfortunes were hilarious.

I don’t think I have laughed because of a movie as much as I did with Dead Men Tell No Tales. There were some great interactions and one-liners that I would probably laugh out loud at again if I were to re-watch it today. One of my favorite moments was when Jack coincides with his uncle, played by Paul McCartney, in a jail cell.

Another of my favorite moments involved some truly spectacular special effects with which Jack Sparrow was made to seem younger. At first, I thought they would simply have someone who looked enough like him to play the part or that they would avoid showing his face straight on. When they first focused on his younger self, I was amazed that they had found someone so similar to Johnny Depp to play the part. That is, until I realized it was Johnny Depp, because it was unmistakably him. The effects and including the origin of Jack’s nickname and how he got to be captain was a splendid touch.

Salazar’s character was also very amusing, in an evil kind of way. The fact that he’s from Spain and added in Spanish words here and there was great. It was a pleasure to see  old members of the crew return like Gibbs, Scrum and Marty as well as Barbossa, although I wasn’t digging his new “fancy” look (way too many curls in my opinion). The new characters, namely Henry and Carina, were nice additions. Carina is a scientist who is accused of being a witch (of course) and ends up falling in love with Henry (of course). Although I didn’t love her character, I didn’t dislike her either. She just seems like she could use a bit more depth.

So all in all, I loved it, if it wasn’t already blatantly obvious. Were there moments when I wanted to roll my eyes a little? Yes. When a few horses dragged an entire building halfway across a village or when a certain character is falling to his death in a very it-only-happens-in-movies kind of way, for example. And a monster made out of a ship and Salazar’s floating hair were meh. But, again, I knew these kind of fantastical elements would be present and they didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying the movie.

Since it was already kind of late, I didn’t stay to watch the post-credits bit they always include but I will definitely do my best to watch the next installment as soon as it premieres!

Image credit: Jesselin ElzaJesselin Elza

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