6 Non-Permanent Ways to Change Your Hair

We all have those days where you’re completely bored of your look. Perhaps you get the urge to add bangs or dye your hair violet. If you’re anything like me, that urge quickly fades a day or two later, making me grateful that I didn’t change anything up. But, hey, we’re all allowed a day off from being ourselves and playing the rock star or a runway model. Here are just a few ways in which you can switch it up when you’re in the mood and easily go back to your usual hairstyle as soon as you want.

Change the part


Image: Tanja Heffner

This seems pretty obvious, but it’s amazing what a change it makes! Try a deep part for a dramatic, vintage look or a middle part for a casual, 70’s vibe. You can even decide that you just want to sweep your hair backwards, with no part at all.

Try the wet look

There’s something very sleek and elegant about combed back, wet-looking hair. It allows your makeup and outfit to really shine. Achieve this look with a hair gel or pomade that provides a wet look. Another option is to use any deep conditioning treatment, including oils. The great thing is that you won’t need to buy a new product and you’ll be nourishing your hair at the same time that you’re rocking this ‘do! Make sure your hair is thoroughly and neatly combed through for best results.

Fake an undercut


Image: Max Bender

A faux undercut provides a dose of edge to your look while still keeping it classy. To get this look, start by creating a deep part. On the side you choose, you can french braid your hair, twist it or simply pull it back very tightly and secure it with bobby pins. Pair it with an eye-catching hair pin with jewels or other decorations to amp up the look.

Go for a mock bob

Another hair illusion that requires zero commitment! This one demands layered hair to look authentic but is just as easy. It consists of clipping hair at the nape of the neck in order to hide the length. The clipping should not be visible and covered by your own hair. Having shorter pieces loose (this is why the layers are important) and framing your face will make it appear as if you have just chopped off a few inches!

Use temporary hair color or chalk


Image: Ashley Jiang

For those seeking a change in the color department, this is the perfect fit. There are a few options depending on how long you want it to last and your preferred method of application. Color Rebel’s hair makeup features a makeup-like brush and washes off in 2 days. It claims to dry fast and not smudge clothes. Hair chalk became popular recently, especially for a fun, summery look. However, it soon became more about an easy way to change your hair color and have it back to normal the next day. The major downside to hair chalk is that it will transfer onto clothing and pretty much anything it comes into contact with. It’s a good idea to wear similar-colored clothing and a shower cap to bed so as to not stain your pillow. Finally, Splat offers a washable hair dye that is applied with a brush provided in the box it comes in. It claims to wash out very easily, but advises against using heat on colored hair.

Put clip-ins into your hair

To add length and color, why not try clip-ins? A while back, it had become a trend among celebs to launch their own lines. Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Hair Kouture extensions by Bellami featured real hair but at the price of $279.99, they are quite out of reach for many (and now sold out). Demi Lovato also used to have her own line, called Secret Color. You can also look into other, non-celebrity endorsed brands, but be prepared to find steeper prices for real vs synthetic hair.

Cover image: Adrian Sava
Reminder: If a post is sponsored, it will say it visibly. Although brands are mentioned in this one, they are just there to help you out!

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