A Day in Leamington Spa, England

Finding myself once again in England, my older sister and I decided to take a train to a new place (for me, anyways). We had plans to go somewhere a bit further from where she lives, but the train tickets were impossibly pricey, something which still baffles me. We decided on Leamington Spa, which was pretty much the only destination at a reasonable price. Although it might seem like settling, it was truly worth it because Leamington is just so pretty!


Royal Leamington Spa is a quaint little spa town in Warwickshire, popular starting in the 18th century among the wealthy as a place to relax and cure themselves with the medicinal waters. The most famous place to do this was at the Royal Pump Rooms. (Everything seems to have the “royal” prefix in Leamington and that’s because Queen Victoria renamed the town and visited it twice. There’s a statue of her in the center commemorating their close relationship.)


Although I couldn’t get a picture of the famous front of the Pump Rooms because there were just too many people in front, I did go into the museum within. It also features a public library, a cafe and a tourist information point.


There’s lots of fascinating things to see, including a Turkish Bath and all sorts of items detailing Leamington’s history.


The entire town is beautiful and taking a stroll in the parks and gardens was a treat.



If you prefer to do some shopping, you can find most brands and shops in the center, which also features beautiful architecture. Although small, Leamington is bustling with life and there’s plenty to see!




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