Easy Halloween Decor: Spooky Apothecary Jars

Happy October everyone! Now, it might seem a bit hasty to start with Halloween content on the first day of the month, but hear me out. First of all, we only have a month to keep up the decorations so we have to make the most of it! Also, isn’t it just a really fun holiday?

I’ve put together this little apothecary jar display very easily after stumbling upon the idea on Pinterest. It’s really not difficult at all to do and is very eye-catching.

Find and clean empty jars and bottles

I started by gathering glass jars and bottles from around the house, which is a great way to recycle while we’re at it (and save some money too). I got some that were just lying around or were going to the trash. Due to what I put in them, I knew they wouldn’t be reusable for edible things.


As you can see, I used a Nutella jar, a wine bottle and a juice one. There’s one more in the picture that I didn’t use which was originally a tomato sauce jar. Removing the labels can be difficult but with some warm water and soap they should come off easily enough. If you have any traces of glue left, use some oil to get rid of it. That being said, it’s really hard to get them to look perfect so don’t worry too much about it. They’re supposed to be used creepy jars anyways!

Print labels


I did a Google search to look for some labels and opted for the ones you see above because they look vintage and creepy rather than just Halloween-y. The top label I got from here (and there are so many more on there!) and the Specimen No. and arsenic ones are from this website (also many more on there). The eyeballs idea I got from this website, which also has a download link for the file.

Jar #1: Eyeballs


With the printed and cut eyeballs, all I did was tape them to the back of the jar. If you had them laminated you could even insert them inside the jar. I filled it with water and made it green with watercolors. The label is also attached with tape.


The cap of the jar said Nutella all over it, so I wrapped it in ribbon that was luckily the exact size and cut out a circle from a brown envelope for the top. You could also wrap twine around it.

Jar #2: Arsenic


This is probably my favorite one and it was so simple! It’s probably because of the vibrant red that turned out. I couldn’t find the cap of this one so I used an old makeup sponge to look like a cork. I didn’t want to fill it all the way so that it looked more authentic and for that same reason I added the drips at the neck of the bottle.


Jar #3: Lucky Potion

IMG_20170929_161830 (2)

To tone down the creepy factor a bit, I decided to add this lucky potion. I got the idea from Harry Potter’s Felix Felicis (and that’s where all the info on the label comes from, except the name). For this one, I used water, glitter, dish detergent and oil. I read online that those ingredients plus hot water made the glitter not sink to the bottom but I was afraid that the hot water would make the glass shatter so I went ahead and tried it with water from the faucet. I suppose only using a clear viscous substance like coconut oil would work perfectly but I didn’t want to use it all up on this, to be honest. The glitter is still visible with water anyways!


Once you add other spooky elements (and some cool filters), it really comes together!




Do you have any tips for making Halloween apothecary jars? If you try out yourself, please direct us to some picture to admire your work!

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