DIY Felt Cactus Pin Cushion

Hello again! I think I’ve previously mentioned that sewing is becoming one of my hobbies once I got a sewing machine. When buying supplies, I saw many pin cushions but they were so pricey for what they actually were and I didn’t even like them all that much. That’s why I decided to look it up on the magical Internet and there are so many easy tutorials for pin cushions! And the supplies are also cheap, even more so if you already have them lying around your house.


I followed this Youtube tutorial by Natalia’s Toolbox, which explains everything amazingly. There are so many others, but I thought this one was the cutest.

You’ll need:

  • green felt (I got a really big sheet for less than a euro)
  • pillow stuffing (I took it from an old pillow we were going to throw out but you can also buy it)
  • needle and thread of the color of your choice
  • pink fabric (or felt if you prefer, I just used some scrap fabric)
  • yarn


Mine didn’t turn out perfect because I’m bad at hand sewing straight, even stitches. After making it, I learned that the smaller and closer the better because otherwise the stuffing will pop it open. (I guess this is just basic hand sewing know how?)

I opted not to make the base featured in the video because I didn’t really think it was necessary. The tiny little flower pot I had was perfect for the felt cactus. Another thing I did different was sewing the flower on, since I didn’t have any fabric glue. I actually like how it gives the flower some dimension.


It’s so cute that you could even make it to use as decor, since cacti and succulents are so in style. No need to water or worry about a plant when it’s made of felt! I have lots of leftover felt so maybe I’ll give it a try and update you guys!


If you try this DIY, leave your own tips and pictures below!

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