Great Websites You Should Know About

I always love introducing people to websites that I’ve randomly stumbled upon and that are very underrated. Most people I know haven’t heard of these websites and that’s exactly why I chose to include them in this post. They’re all pretty random, but great nonetheless!

For backgrounds, wallpapers and calendars

Picture taken from (Emma’s Studyblr)

If you’re looking for beautiful backgrounds or desktop wallpapers, Emma’s Studyblr is the place to go. Every month, you have all sorts of free downloadable content with different designs and you always have the choice of a Sunday or Monday-starting calendar. I really appreciate all the work that goes into that website so I can’t recommend it enough!

To kill some time

My current favorite online game is Colorato by Alternative Controls. I play it while listening to podcasts because it’s a game that takes a long time but is very soothing and addictive at the same time. Another one I like is Knoword, which is great to expand your vocabulary. A new feature are the word packs with themed vocabulary, but the classic is just as fun.

For completely free photos

Unsplash is the website I use when I need pictures for my blog (the heading image in this post, for example!). The images are completely free, even for commercial use and they truly are high quality. The search function (although not always completely accurate) helps you find exactly what you need. (But if you don’t, browse a bit more, sometimes the tags aren’t all there.)

To volunteer as a transcriber

Western Union Telegraph Expedition

Picture taken from Smithsonian Digital Volunteers Transcription Center

If you love volunteering and/or have some free time, you might want to consider transcribing documents for the Smithsonian. You’ll need to follow a few guidelines so that your transcriptions are standardized, but editors will always revise your work anyways. It’s a nice little program they have going on because you can help out from your own home and only have to invest a bit of time and patience. Even if you do one or half a page, it’s a small step that helps.

To keep track of TV shows

If you’re anything like me and watch about ten TV shows at once, will be a lifesaver. On your dashboard you have all the episodes on deck, and you can also make lists of shows you want to watch. You can also browse the top series and movies and discover new ones that you might not have heard of otherwise. You also get links of where you can (legally) watch the episodes. The only downside is that it tells you have many cumulative hours/days/weeks/years you have watched and that sometimes makes me feel like I’m wasting my life away in front of a screen. Okay, that was a joke, it’s a great website!

To protect your eyes from your computer’s brightness

F.lux isn’t a website exactly, but I thought I’d include it anyways. You install this onto your computer and it regulates the tint and brightness of your screen. The idea is that it adjusts to your surroundings, by knowing the sunrise and sunset times. At first, the orange tint during the day feels strange but over time you get completely used to it.

To learn artistic techniques

If you’re artistically inclined, Strathmore offers free workshops on watercolors or pastel art, for example. A while ago I did the Brush Lettering and Watercolor one by Jess Park and it was really interesting.

To keep your messages confidential

We all know the Internet isn’t as nice of a place as we wish it would be. If you’re worried about the messages you’re sending being saved or read by prying eyes, try Confident. Much like Snapchat, this program deletes your message once they’re read, plus your messages are encrypted and screenshot-proof.

If you’ve got some website you’re dying to share with the world, comment below!


Photo by on Unsplash

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