October Favorites

Just like that, another month has flown by. I hope you all had a fun Halloween! This has definitely been an eventful month for me and I’ve got lots to share. I’ve been given some very wonderful gifts because it was my birthday, so let’s start there!


First of all, let’s set the tone with my birthday cake which I am very proud to humblebrag that I made. Okay, I had some help from boxed cake mix and whipped cream mix since I can never get that right. The inside had the cream with strawberries and the cake was covered in mascarpone and cream cheese with a bit of melted chocolate, which gives it that strong hue. Everyone liked it, although I have to say it was a tad too sweet for me. Back to the drawing board for the next cake! The roses were very easy to make out of fondant with a Youtube tutorial I found. I saw a set of eight pretty similar ones selling for 6€ when you can get all of them for the cost of the fondant (2-3€) (well, plus your time and effort).


I’ve been loving my new raincoat from Zara and this olive jacket from New Look. I bought the rain jacket mostly because it’s very functional, as I didn’t own any water-repellent outerwear. There was a cool mustard yellow coat that was water-repellent at Zara as well but the fabric was a strange, thin material and it had no hood! I preferred the shape of the yellow one because it had a belt at the waist and this one is kind of boxy, but I think it has a very cool minimalist aesthetic to it and I’ll be happy I bought it on rainy days. The olive jacket is my go-to for this transitional weather, since it’s still warm in the daytime but chilly at night. It has a chic vibe, especially since there are no buttons or zipper, but it has an adjustable tightening cord in the back so it isn’t completely shapeless. The color pretty much goes with everything too!


Prada’s Iris Cedre perfume is amazing. The bottle is gorgeous to have in my room and the fragrance is just what I like: woody and floral. It just smells very clean and light but lasts all day (no joke). The gift came with an adorable makeup bag/pouch as well.

The material is soft and satin-y and I love the gold lettering and the matching zippers!


I also got these hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works in five different scents. They are bag essentials for me because they come in handy so much when you’re out and about and there are no restrooms or they’re out of soap or you don’t feel like getting up to wash your hands. The scents and colors make them way better than the alcohol-smelling basic ones I’ve had and one even has glitter!


Moving on to decor, I bought this floral tray at Zara Home for 4€ (it was on sale). I had been looking for one for my bedroom for quite a while. This was in the kitchen section, but a lot of the things you can find there can also be used as decor, like cute little bowls and teacups. I wanted a tray to keep my important things that I need daily in sight, like my keys or hair ties, and also to have a place to dump these things when I get home tired.




Next up is this hexagonal  glass box from Pimkie that I got for 3€ with a birthday coupon. As a club card member, I got an email with 7€ off anything, except discounted items, of course. I’m not really into their clothing but their new home section has some seriously cute things, so I went for a browse. I made sure that there was no minimum that you have to spend with the saleswoman and I was stoked to get such a great deal. I had been wanting one of them for a while, but now that I have it, I’m not completely sure what to place inside…



Another new piece of decor in my room is this collage-d catalog. I picked it up from a department store because I loved the cover but it had a lot of branding on it. My stash of magazine cut-outs went to good use in covering the name and logo out. I added a lot of flowers plus the quote.


Finally, my parents brought back some famous lavender from Marseille in these cute little sacks to keep in the closet.

How was your October?

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