Up Your Bedroom Decor On a Budget

Step 1: Clean up!

As unattractive as it may sound, cleaning up is the very first step. For your room to feel like one out of a magazine, you need to clear away surfaces like desks, dressers, shelves and nightstands. (Of course I don’t mean everything; that wouldn’t be a realistic goal! More on that later…) By getting rid of things you don’t want or don’t use anymore in drawers, closets and boxes, you’ll be making room for what you really need and love and keeping the clutter on surfaces to a minimum.


Photo by Jeff Sheldon

Step 2: Organize surfaces

Now that anything that needed putting away is in its spot, it’s time to consider the space you have on top of furniture. You need to decide what really needs to stay there and how you’re going to display it. Baskets are a good option for cluttered areas as well as trays for jewelry. I have one to keep items I need handy: keys, my watch, hair ties… Once you’ve sorted the functional things, focus on some items of decor, even if only one or two. Before you go out shopping, check to see if you already have anything you could use as decor, like a pretty card, candles, souvenirs, Christmas lights, seashells, decorative trays and bowls… If you’re having a hard time finding budget-friendly decorations, try a thrift shop!


Photo by John Mark Arnold

Step 3: Add art

To add some visual appeal to your walls, hang up some pretty artwork. There are many, many options for this and the best thing is that you can DIY most of them. If you are a bit artistically inclined, you could try your hand at watercolors. Simply search for a simple image that you can replicate or go abstract. If you prefer not to use paint, a collage might be more your thing.


Photo by Sylwia Pietruzska

Text also makes great minimalist wall art. Go for a favorite quote from a book, TV show, movie or song , a simple word or an inspirational motto.


Photo by Annie Spratt

Is DIY not for you? You can still get art without going out an buying a print (which is also a great option) by downloading free printables, framing calendar pages or any other pretty things you might have like hand-written lyrics to your favorite song or a scrap of fabric.

To hang it up, you can use sticky hooks (or Blu tack) if you can’t drill holes in the wall. You can go the conventional route with a frame or use clipboards, string and clips or other visually interesting methods.

Step 4: Go green


Photo by Timothy Buck

The fastest way to breathe life into a room is by adding plants. There are so many ways to display them to choose from: hanging, in cute pots, in a vase, on a stool… If you’re afraid of forgetting to water them, try succulents or cacti and, if not, go for some cute plastic ones!

And if you’re on a really tight budget, make some flowers out of paper (construction or tissue/crepe paper) or a cactus out of felt.

Step 5: Switch up the bedding

Since the focal point of the bedroom is of course the bed, changing the bedding will make a big difference in the overall decor. A fairly neutral duvet will be the easiest to work with, but if you prefer bright and bold patterns, make that the starting point and base your decoration around it. Above you can see the two duvets which I’ve gotten from Ikea, featured many times on this blog.

Finally, some matching throw pillows will really make your room look straight out of a magazine! I’m not really sure why they can get so expensive, but if you’ve got some basic sewing machine skills, fabric and something to stuff them with, you’ve got throw pillows!

Do you have any other quick and budget-friendly room renovation tips?



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