Valldemossa’s Flowering Streets

For today’s post, I’ve unearthed some old pictures from a Sunday trip to the village of Valldemossa earlier this year. It was at the perfect time of the year when it’s sunny and warm (but not too warm).


All the small streets feature picturesque plants and flowers. I was a bit concerned that someone would awkwardly catch me taking pictures of their house but thankfully it didn’t happen.


IMG_20171027_144324 (2)

While a bit maze-like and often confusing, the streets really are as quaint and peaceful as they appear.


A walk in the royal house-turned-monastery’s gardens is a must when visiting. On the bottom of the image you can see a bust of Chopin, who lived there along with George Sand.

It’s no wonder that Valldemossa is considered one of the island’s most beautiful villages; it makes for a great outing!

Are there any hidden gems in your area?



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