All About the Holidays

Happy New Year everyone! My blog has been very quiet because of the turmoil of the holidays but now that it’s 2018, here I am again! Here’s what I did during these weeks.

First of all, we finally made a gingerbread house, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. We didn’t make it from scratch but actually bought a kit at Lidl. It came with the gingerbread parts and some candy, although my sisters and I added some things like the heart sprinkles, candy canes and cereal for the pathway. We also had to make the icing. As you can see, the icing went all over the place but it was lots of fun nonetheless! (The gingerbread wasn’t at all tasty though, so it ended up just being decorative.)


We did another thing we had been wanting to for a long time: wearing Christmas sweaters on the date instead of dressing up. I couldn’t find a proper ugly sweater at a reasonable price (I wasn’t about to shell out 30€ for something I won’t wear much) so I got the one pictured below at H&M. It looks like red tinsel but I think I could wear it on other occasions. I got the pins from Flying Tiger for a euro each to make it more festive.


Now, on to the lovely gifts I received. First, my sisters gave me this beautiful Penguin edition of Jane Eyre. The cover is soft leather and the design is just so pretty.


Along with the book came a tee with the same quote it features on the cover. I can’t wait to wear it when the weather’s warmer.


My parents gifted me a Bluetooth speaker that has great sound. I love that it’s water-resistant so I can listen to music while I shower.


I also got this embellished Zara bag. It’s very trendy and makes a great statement piece when added to an otherwise simple outfit.


Last but not least, as a person who loves loungewear and PJs, I appreciate anything cozy, like this fluffy white robe.


Since I didn’t get a chance to say it at the end of 2017, thanks so much for reading, liking and commenting! I hope you all had fantastic holidays and that the new year brings all the very best!


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